The SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund is the sports industry’s first charity fund dedicated to providing assistance to industry professionals and their families in need.

Since being established in 2012 the Fund has assisted hundreds of sports production professionals who have found themselves unable to work due to injury, illness, or disaster. The Fund offers financial assistance by directly paying bills on their behalf, offering some peace of mind during stressful life events so they can focus on healing or rebuilding the lives of themselves and their families.

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING THE CORONAVIRUS: The Coronavirus has had a wide range of impact on the sports production community, from those who are actually ill themselves to those who are now unable to work due to the cancellation of events. The Fund is here to provide assistance to those who find themselves in harm’s way due to the virus and its impact.

Please note that loss of work due to an event cancellation because of coronavirus/COVID 19 is not a qualifying circumstance. Qualifying circumstances related to COVID 19 include:

– Either self or an immediate family member being ill with COVID 19 (in this case bills can include housing, medical bill, etc)
-Medical bills (excluding insurance premiums) for self or immediate family that cannot be paid due to loss of income
-The applicant is deemed to be high risk and is unable to work due to the danger of returning to employment

“The sports-television industry is a family of talent, creatives, techs, and crew who depend on each other in the studio and the field and now, with the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund, at home,” says Ken Aagaard, SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund chairman. “In a business underpinned by a freelance workforce, it is especially important that we develop a process for helping out our peers and their families when they are struck by serious misfortune.”

The SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund is a not-for-profit, section 501(c)(3) corporation.

For more information about the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund, contact Carrie Bowden, SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund, administrator, at [email protected] or 917-446-4412 or visit www.sportsbroadcastfund.org

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